Thursday, October 21, 2010

California Hot Rod Reunion

Jolly Rogers racing partnered with the Botelho, Compston, Patterson and Vintage Fuel top fuel dragster for the 2010 California Hot Rod Reunion. We were without a crew chief and Mike Patterson volunteered to get our dedicated crew comfortable with new and expanded responsiblities. The first pass the car made on Friday was a bit shakey running a 6.21 E.T. but Randy Eakins of East West Clutch now had a baseline to get the clutch up to speed. The second pass was smooth sailing from A to B running a 5.98. Unbelievable we did not make the field but getting that clean pass made the weekend.

We tried an exhibition pass on Sunday but with the dragster wreck and rain delay it just didnt happen. After seeing the massive delay resulting from the exhibition dragster crash you can see why NHRA is very reluctant to permit any runs outside of the show.

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